Dimitri Buchowetzki

Dimitri Buchowetzki (1885–1932) born Dmitry Savelyevych Bukhovecky was a Russian film director, screenwriter, and actor in Germany, Sweden, the US, the UK, and France.

Buchowetzki began work at MGM on Love (1927) with Greta Garbo and Ricardo Cortez. However, producer Irving Thalberg was unhappy with the early filming, and replaced Buchowetzki with Edmund Goulding, cinematographer Merritt B. Gerstad with William H. Daniels, and Cortez with John Gilbert.

Selected filmography


  • Danton (Germany, 1921) with Emil Jannings, Werner Krauss, and Conrad Veidt 
  • Sappho (Germany, 1921) released by Samuel Goldwyn in the US in 1923 as Mad Love, with Pola Negri
  • The Brothers Karamazov (Germany, 1921) co-director; with Emil Jannings
  • Peter der Große (Germany, 1922) with Emil Jannings
  • Othello (Germany, 1922) with Emil Jannings and Werner Krauss
  • Carousel (Sweden, 1923)
  • Men (1924) with Pola Negri
  • Lily of the Dust (1924) with Pola Negri
  • The Swan (1925) with Frances Howard
  • Graustark (film) with Norma Talmadge
  • Valencia (1926) with Mae Murray
  • The Midnight Sun (1926 film) (1926) with Laura La Plante
  • The Crown of Lies (1926) with Pola Negri
  • Le réquisitoire (1931) French-language version of Manslaughter (1930)
  • Die Nacht der Entscheidung (1931) German-language version of The Virtuous Sin (1930)
  • Weib im Dschungel (1931) German-language version of The Letter (1929)
  • Stamboul (UK, 1931) also French- and Spanish-language versions, L’homme qui assassina and El hombre que asesino
  • De Sensatie van de Toekomst (1931) co-director of Dutch version of Paramount film Television
  • Magie moderne (1931) co-director with Charles de Rochefort of French version of Television

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