Lupu Pick

Lupu Pick (2 January 1886 – 7 March 1931) was a Romanian-born German actor, film director, producer and screenwriter of the silent era. He appeared in 50 films between 1910 and 1928.  Born in Romania, Pick’s father was a Jewish Austrian, his mother, of Romanian origin. He began as a stage actor in Hamburg, Flensburg and Berlin before 1910. In 1917 he founded the film company Rex-Film AG.

He served on the board of the Film Association of Industrialists (Vorstand des Verbandes der Filmindustriellen), SPIO and the Film Directors Association of Germany (Verbandes der Filmregisseure Deutschlands) and worked intensively to establish the union-based umbrella organization of Filmmakers in Germany (Filmschaffenden Deutschlands) (Dacho). He was the organization’s first chairman.  Pick was married to actress Edith Posca.

Selected filmography

  • Die geheimnisvolle Villa (1914)
  • A Night of Horror (1916)
  • Tales of Hoffman (1916)
  • Frank Hansen’s Fortune (1917)
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray (1917)
  • The Mirror of the World (1918)
  • Shattered (1921)
  • City in View (1923)
  • New Year’s Eve (1924)
  • The Last Horse Carriage in Berlin (1926)
  • Family Gathering in the House of Prellstein (1927)
  • Spies (1928)
  • A Knight in London (1929)

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