Manfred Noa

Manfred Noa (1893–1930) was a German film director. Noa was described by Vilma Bánky, who he directed twice, as her “favourite director”.   Noa’s 1924 film Helena has been called his “masterpiece” although it was so expensive that it seriously damaged the finances of Bavaria Film.  Noa is perhaps best known today for his 1922 film Nathan the Wise, an adaptation of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing’s 1779 play of the same title, which made a plea for religious tolerance. He was the third husband of the actress Eva May, who was the daughter of his fellow director Joe May.

Selected filmography
  • Wibbel the Tailor (1920)
  • Nathan the Wise (1922)
  • Helena (1924)
  • Das schöne Abenteuer (1924)
  • Soll man heiraten? (1925)
  • Young Blood (1926)
  • Why Get a Divorce? (1926)
  • Die Dame von Paris (1927)
  • Casanovas Erbe (1928)
  • Die Dame und ihr Chauffeur (1928)
  • Moderne Piraten (1928)
  • Mon coeur incognito (1930)
  • Der Walzerkönig (1930)
  • Road to Rio (1931)
  • La regina di Sparta (1931)

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